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Kirby Morgan O-Ring

Kirby Morgan O-Ring

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Genuine Kirby Morgan O-Ring, compatible with the following helmets and masks:

  • KM 37(Regulator Shaft)
  • KM 37SS(Regulator Shaft)
  • KM 47(Regulator Shaft)
  • KM 77(Regulator Shaft)
  • SuperLite SL 17A(Regulator's Packing Nut & Regulator Hose)
  • SuperLite SL 17B(Regulator's Packing Nut & Regulator Hose)
  • SuperLite SL 17C(Regulator Shaft)
  • SuperLite SL 27(Regulator Shaft)
  • KMB 18B(Regulator's Packing Nut & Regulator Hose)
  • KMB 28B(Regulator's Packing Nut & Regulator Hose)
  • M-48 Supermask(2nd stage Scuba Regulator's adj. Shaft)
  • SuperFlow 1st Stage Regulator(Yoke retainer)
  • EXO Standard(Regulator's adj. Shaft Adjustment)
  • EXO-BR (Regulator's adj. Shaft Adjustment)



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